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Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Most of us are our own worst critic. This has been evident when I have sat in the counselling room listening to hundreds of people share their thoughts and feelings.

People can be very unforgiving of themselves for perceived mistakes, lost opportunities or failed relationships. They berate themselves over and over again, sometimes for years.

We can call ourselves names we would never call anyone else. It’s so sad we think that is okay. The bully inside us has free rein. The impact of the bully within can be devastating to our self esteem and confidence.

The anger we feel towards ourselves can cause depression and anxiety. This prevents us living the life we want.

The next time you hear your inner critic – STOP


· You’re not perfect – no-one is and that’s okay.

· You’re going to make mistakes – everyone does and that’s okay

· You’re going to fail – anyone who’s trying does and that’s okay

· Try to talk to yourself as you would a friend

· Try to be patient and gentle with yourself

The American chat show host Ellen Degeneres ends every show by saying “Be kind to one another”

I’m suggesting today be kind to yourself. It can’t do any harm and you never know you might like it.

Many people find this difficult. Let me know in the comments section your experience.

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