Corporate Services

“Clients do not come first.  Employees come first.  If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” – Richard Branson

We all like to feel valued, appreciated and respected.  Not only for the work we do but for the people we are. Our physical and mental health impacts every aspect of our life.  Healthy, happy people achieve more in all areas of their life.

Our hope is that we all find employment that we enjoy.  We spend so much of our lives at work it's important we are happy there.  When we are happy we have the opportunity to work to our full potential.  This, in turn, is a win-win for employer and employee.

Unfortunately, as we know life does not always run smoothly.  We can begin to struggle with our mental health.  Regardless of whether these issues are related to our professional or personal lives, the impact can be felt in both areas.  At times we may not be the first to notice we are struggling.  This can be brought to our attention through family, friends, and colleagues.

Many employers are now training staff to be Mental Health First Aiders.  These are colleagues trained to look out for signs and symptoms of poor mental health in their co-workers and help them get the appropriate support.

"Clare O’Brien Consultancy works with employers and employees to support them and their staff with their mental health needs"

This is achieved through Counselling and Consultative Support, usually on a one to one basis.

Appointments are carried out on a fortnightly or monthly system.  However, this service can be tailor-made to fit your particular requirements.  The need to be flexible is important as working with individuals I’m conscious one size does not fit all.

The need to look after our mental health is becoming more evident.  High levels of depression, anxiety, and work-related stress are costing businesses more and more money.  If these issues can be addressed quickly and the appropriate professional support is given we can reduce the levels of sickness and promote the well-being of staff.  This reduces costs in sickness benefit and helps retain staff members while reducing costs in the recruitment of new staff.

Employers have a duty of care under UK law to support any employee who is suffering from poor mental health.
The services of Clare O'Brien Consultancy can be carried out in your workplace providing an appropriate room is available or off-site for one to one work in a private garden office.

Below are some examples of services provided:

Service 1 – ‘On-site’:
•    Professional mental health Counselling and Consultative Support on site.
•    One day per week, available to all staff members
•    Supporting and working alongside Mental Health First Aiders

Service 2 – ‘Off-site’:
•    Professional mental health Counselling and Consultative Support off-site
•    Pre-agreed number of hours per month

Service 3 – ‘Full-cover’:
•    Complete service incorporating a combination of Services one and two
•    Professional mental health Counselling and Consultative Support on and off-site
•    One day per week available to any staff member
•    Supporting and working alongside Mental Health First Aiders