• Clare O'Brien


We’ve all heard people complain about going to work. Maybe you’ve complained yourself. Wishing for the weekend or counting down the days to your holidays.

We tend to forget the positive aspects of going to work.

· It brings structure and routine to our day.

· A reason to get out of bed in the morning

· A reason to feel tired in the evening

· A sense of purpose

· A sense of achievement

· An opportunity to work as part of a team

· An opportunity for colleagues to become friends

· To learn something new.

· An opportunity for self improvement

· A chance to make a difference

We enjoy the weekends because we’ve been to work all week. Our holidays are treasured with a chance to unwind and relax, to step out of the structure and routine.

Whether your work is voluntary, part-time or full-time it’s good for your mental health. How else would we get that Friday feeling?

What aspects of work do you enjoy? Let me know in the comments section how it is for you.

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