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How we express our emotions can have a major impact on our lives
How we express our emotions can have a major impact on our lives

Employers want their staff to have the necessary qualifications, experience, and intelligence to fulfill their job role. Increasingly alongside these requirements, employers are seeking emotional intelligence.

An important way to express our emotional intelligence is through the words we use. Being able to identify our feelings and then use a word to describe them can even help us regulate our emotions.

We all tend to recognise emotions such as happy, sad, anger, fear, jealousy and guilt. Increasing our vocabulary around such emotions can help us understand ourselves and the world we live in better.

In order to improve our emotional vocabulary here are some further words to help describe such emotions;

Happy – Friendly, Cheerful, Excited, Optimistic, Elated, Ecstatic, Radiant

Sad – Disappointed, Discouraged, Mournful, Weepy, Despairing, Heartbroken, Hopeless

Anger – Frustrated, Critical, Impatient, Aggravated, Exasperated, Furious, Livid

Fear – Cautious, Confused, Nervous, Suspicious, Horrified, Panicked, Petrified

Jealousy – Insecure, Vulnerable, Distrustful, Protective, Envious, Threatened, Resentful

Guilt – Self-conscious, Embarrassed, Ashamed, Regretful, Sheepish, Culpable, Disgraced

This week try to describe your feelings by increasing your emotional vocabulary. Quietly observe others and try to identify their feelings with your new vocabulary.

Let me know what you learn.

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