Keeping you well


Mental Health impacts us all

Have you ever got out of bed on the wrong side?

Have you ever felt your mood change from day to day or even hour to hour?

Have you ever noticed you’re just not yourself?

Consultative Support or Counselling can help.


Have you ever spoken to someone about a worry or concern and afterwards felt a weight has been lifted off your shoulders?

We’ve all heard it’s good to talk.

Here are some of the benefits

Feeling more

in control

Feeling more balanced

Emotionally stable



Greater work -life balance



Being more creative

Having fewer arguments

Improved relationships


self care

Meet Clare O'Brien

Many Counsellors enter the profession after having a positive experience of personal therapy.  My route was slightly different. I’d just spent the past eighteen months living and working in America and it was time for me to return to the UK. My friends and I were exploring ideas of what to do next. This was when a friend said to me, “Why don’t you be a Counsellor?” to which my response was, “What’s a Counsellor?” and so it began.


Once back in England I signed up to take an evening class in Counselling Skills at Newcastle College, then followed on to complete the Certificate in Counselling. The next year I applied to Durham University and completed another year of Counselling Skills (wanting to deepen my knowledge of what I had already learnt). This served to fuel my enthusiasm for the profession of Counselling.  I stayed on at Durham University for the next three years and completed a Masters Degree in Counselling.


Personal Therapy  

Back in those days in order to gain accreditation with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) it was a requirement to have a minimum of forty hours personal therapy.  To be honest I wasn’t thrilled at the prospect. However I learnt more about a therapeutic relationship during this time than in the whole five years of studying.  I know what it feels like to the “the client”. To sit opposite someone feeling vulnerable, confused and slightly scared of what I might say in front of someone else.  I’ve felt the power of a therapeutic relationship. At its best it can change your life.


Many years have passed since I graduated from Durham.  Over that time I have had the pleasure of developing therapeutic relationships with hundreds of people, each relationship unique.  I’ve had the privilege of listening to people tell their stories.


I’ve been helping people for the past twenty years improve their mental health.  This can be achieved without all the psychobabble and jargon that often puts people off asking for help.


I have been described as down to earth, sensible, level headed and straight talking.  I am happy to accept all of these descriptions and believe these qualities are helpful when working with others.


I offer:

Corporate Services

Consultative Support